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Welcome to May 2020

Maximus Gym members, Welcome to May 2020……well we sure didn’t picture 2020 looking like this…a challenge to be sure! To celebrate May, we are not going to be billing ANY members of Maximus Gym for their dues, no matter what day we finally open. This was a huge decision for our mom & pop gym but since we were able to secure some government funding, we decided to pass THAT on to YOU, our members; You supported the gym through April, so we are supporting your memberships through May. When we contacted ABC Financial to stop all billing for May, we were not within the date range for all members (who are drawn on the 1st) who pay via EFT (voided check), BUT the funds from those draws will be refunded asap and likely you’ll see it back in your account between Wednesday and Friday next week. Credit card draws were able to be stopped. We are trying to have our doors open in early May, we will keep you updated !! Please check out our Facebook page for pictures of the gym updates…very exciting, clean, and freshened look to welcome you back to your home away from home. You can also see pics and videos on our website…see below for informtion. Thank you for supporting us and standing by us so that we can SUPPORT AND STAND BY YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS !! We miss you all !! Facebook : Maximus, the gym Website : Email : 509-962-6200 You can also call and leave a message on the gym phone, you’ll be called back within 1-3 days

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