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WELCOME BACK Members of Maximus Gym !!!!

Updated: May 31, 2020

WELCOME BACK Members of Maximus Gym !!!!

We are very excited to announce we will take part in a “SOFT” opening for Phase 2 on June 1st. There will be stipulations in place that will allow you to feel well taken care of by our staff and owners.

First 2 weeks June 1st – June 15th : Gym will be open to current paying members only, not with 24Hr access during that timeframe. We apologize for this yet we will be taking members temperature at the door and all members must sign a COVID training Waiver, just the one time, before working out. Members who have a door key fob will be able to access the gym from 4am – 9pm Monday through Friday, then 9am-3pm Saturdays. We will reassess on before the 15th if we need to extend this policy through the end of June or if we can lift this and resume 24Hr status. See below :

**Members will be required to sign a COVID Waiver document and your temperature will be taken at the front desk before fully entering. Please, if you already aren’t feeling well do not come to the gym……wait until you feel fantastic ! **there will be a TRAINER/Staff per every 5 members in order to adhere to Phase 2 restrictions **Masks and gloves will be available at the front desk for anyone to use, it’s a personal choice. Employees will have their own masks available as well, again, a personal choice as it is not mandatory per our local health officials, only highly recommended. **Safety protocols that Maximus Gym has put into place will be posted at the first landing when you come up the first half of the front stairs, please be sure to review these to answer most questions. **Senior hour will be Monday through Friday 9-10am, for SENIORS ONLY to feel safe; please respect this time for their safety **Please respect others space and work to give others enough room to feel comfortable working out around you. There is plenty of room to offer 6' of space from others, so keep this in mind when choosing equipment. **WASH HANDS as often as possible ! We will provide as much hand sanitizer as we can get ahold of and let’s be cognizant of those around us in reference to germs/cleanliness **Personal Towels and clothing will not be kept in the bathrooms as this can lead to a bacteria issue. Take all items home and wash them to use in the gym. **New memberships will only be obtainable by contacting front desk via phone and making an appointment; this is for the safety of our current members. ABOVE ALL WE ARE THRILLED TO HAVE ALL OF OUR MEMBERS RETURN AND LOVE TO HEAR YOU QUARANTINE STORIES, YOUR HEALTH STORIES, YOUR INDIVIDUAL JOURNY STORIES !! Please keep talk of politics to a supreme minimum……..

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