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Dear members of Maximus Gym - March 28

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

By now we are all living the life of being quarantined in our homes, limiting our contact with those outside of our family and hopefully also….exercising !!!!!!!

*****Please keep in mind that we are (still) offering online personal training and nutrition guidance for FREE, during this time of closure. Check for these workout videos posted daily on our Facebook page….different workouts, different bodyparts,,,,follow along !

We hope you’ll be thrilled to know that we are preparing for your return !! Deep cleaning has been happening (photos can be viewed on our Facebook page)…… we are using this time to address maintenance issues that we’re unable to accomplish while the club is open, such as large project painting, cleaning carpets/floors and several other club improvements that are more easily accomplished while the club is not occupied (some surprises are in store !). When you walk in the doors in April you’ll SEE the changes/improvements…’ll be a very welcome return for all.

On-going please know we will have more consistent cleaning stipulations in place and can introduce you to them in person; we’ve created a more streamlined system for deep cleaning, we’ve ordered two air cleaning machines and other efficient venues to be sure that the germ free environment is our regular routine.

We can all agree that this is an unprecedented time in our lives and will require extraordinary measures from the entire community. Rest assured we ARE re-opening as soon as possible! For many people these times are exceedingly ‘trying’…..we know many of our members use exercise to calm themselves, boost their health, feed themselves emotionally as well as physically….so please please use our online PT sessions and stay in close contact as we can individualize some continued motivation. We ARE here for you….email, PM or whatever venue is easiest, please stay in touch and we will stick by your side (many are taking advantage of these online services…..what are you waiting for ? let’s do this!!!).

We are committed to doing the right thing for you, the very members that have make this gym possible for over 37yrs now; you’re that which makes Maximus Gym members a family.



If you desire to keep up to date, please Like our Facebook page and edit the Follow Settings to see all our updates! For email Newsletter, subscribe at the bottom of our club website!

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