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Letter to all our members - April 17th

Maximus Gym members,

We are more than hopeful you are ALL well, healthy, exercising and working on building that immune system up !

As you might all know, the commissioners of our county are working hard to get our small businesses OPEN and functional, on or before May 5th; We cannot make promises, but it’s a process that is currently in the works, as we speak….so email the gmail below if you’d like to get involved with this process (you are in no way obligated).

Maximus Gym has been continuing to offer FREE SERVICES : Online home workout videos, free personal training and on the 14th of April we announced a CHALLENGE ! The challenge includes folks tracking total numbers of : Pushups, burpees and miles walked/jogged/ run. You can do all or none or 2….up to you ! This Challenge is another in the series of services we are working to provide so you feel we are right here at your side.

Please understand that as a mom and pop gym, we aren’t backed by a franchise or deep pockets, so this shutdown has impacted us, as YOUR gym, tremendously (and YOU !). Initially we tried to keep employees working but have since had to furlough them all (although some are volunteering to help us deep clean, make calls and repair the gym for YOUR return…we have at least been feeding them ! haha).

We LOVE LOVE our members, and amid some backlash, we have been making it through April, systematically calling EVERY SINGLE MEMBER on the phone (if you haven’t been called you, we are working on getting to YOU ). Please support your gym by spreading positive words, positive feedback and sharing that with your friends and family.

More updates to follow…please follow US on our Facebook page : Maximus, The Gym; on our website : ; leave a message at 509-962-6200 for a returned call and/or email us at :

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