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April 6th - Letter to all our members!

Our Maximus Gym loyal MEMBERS,

Just a quick update regarding Governor Inslee’s Stay Home Order extension to May, 4. As you know, we at Maximus GYM are doing everything we can to maintain during this difficult time. Our goal is to take care of YOU, and the GYM. Our HOPE is that our country will make positive strides in the upcoming weeks so that our doors can re-open sooner than the above proposal date.

For the month of April we will be offering members FULL credit benefits for the amount you each paid… many options such as personal training clothing, products, sauna usage, childcare…YOU will have the option for YOUR credit. In addition, we are moving our Yearly Investment fee to July, yet we’ve begun the benefits of the Yearly Investment NOW ! When you return to the gym, you’ll see how busy we been keeping during this time, prepping the gym for YOUR return, and your benefit. (pls log in to our FB page and website to view pics of updates going on at the gym….loads of cleaning ! and repairs, paint…surprises….)

Please keep in mind as a Mom & Pop gym we are dedicated to keeping our community strong, active and SUPER healthy. We don’t have a national franchise or mother corporation to fall back on financially….but we are working hard to stay vital !

The whole basis of victimization of this virus has been immunity… to protect yourself exercise, eating right and proper supplementation will build your body’s natural defenses….therefore we consider the gym to be ESSENTIAL! We hope you do as well and will help to keep Maximus in business.

*** CURRENT BENEFITS : follow us on Facebook for in-home workout routines, there’s a new video posted daily of a routine you can perform in your own home (Mon-Fri); as well sessions of individualized personal training/nutrition FREE to you, which is normally a separate expense in the gym. We are keeping you working out and healthy, just log in and get to work !!

Each and every day we are returning calls and emails, so please keep in touch and please stick WITH us through this so there is a gym to come back to.

FB : Maximus, the gym

Phone (leave message) 509-962-6200

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