Michael Castillo

Corporate Accounts Manager

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Played some football, but mainly wrestled in high school, which brought my encouragement in life toward health and fitness. In college I focused on getting involved in student organizations, which included being inducted into the Sigma Chi Fraternity and holding an office in Student Government. In 1997 I graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications, with emphasis in Special Events and Public Relations and a Minor in History. Upon graduation, I expanded my career in special events as the Events Director for the Fremont Street Experience, which then led to becoming Programs Director of the UNLV Alumni Association.

For the past 15 years, I have been a licensed Real Estate Professional, working with commercial and residential investors and property managers. Moving to Ellensburg has allowed me the opportunity to work for Maximus Gym, managing retention and Corporate Accounts, all while getting to know the community and locals alike. Outside of Maximus, I am a husband and father of two incredible teenage  boys. My family and I very much enjoy the outdoor activities the Pacific Northwest has to offer; we also enjoy shooting. Also, I devote time to playing Lead electric guitar for Mercer Creek Church.


Front Desk Staff

Hi there! My name is Raymond, and I am a part of this awesome team here at the Maximus Gym. I am currently working on getting my certification as a strength and conditioning coach so I can fulfill my dream to be an athlete coach. I am an active competing powerlifter, and my all-time favorite exercise is squat. I love working at the gym where I get to meet people with different backgrounds. I definitely want to hear your story because that's what fascinates me most when meeting people. Please feel free to come and chat with me if you have any questions about the club or if you need help with your workout. I look forward to meeting all the members here!

........Btw, squat day everyday lol


Front Desk Staff & Personal Trainer

Ethan is a NASM certified personal trainer as well as ACE certified group fitness instructor. Ethan attributes his knowledge of training, nutrition, and fitness to not only his certification courses, but also his pursuit of a degree in Exercise Science; as well as his own experience being a competitive bodybuilder.


Ethan has lost 90 pounds in one year, so he has been in the shoes of his clients!


Front Desk Staff

Hi! I’m Cassidy - I moved to Washington a few years ago from Maryland and I have loved the area since. I’ve always been involved in fitness and studying nutrition. Since moving to Ellensburg I have started my own small business, Ellensburg Desserts LLC. My business offers mini cupcakes, cake pops and cakes, which are all available in gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free options. I believe in living an all-around balanced lifestyle – physically and mentally. Maximus Gym has been a great experience to meet energetic and goal oriented people.


Personal Trainer

My personal training business is Eljun Ok Veikr, which roughly translates as “strength
and weakness.” This phrase is reflective of my Nordic heritage and is indicative of the
approach I take to training and coaching, which is about creating balance between
celebrating strengths and tending to weaknesses. My style of training is classic, with
attention to detail and a focus on helping clients learn proper form and technique, with
the overarching goal of helping them improve strength, muscle size, and flexibility in
ways that will minimize the risk of injuries to promote sustainable, long-term health. I
have 17 years of weight training and athletics experience (including playing collegiate
football), as well as experience coaching individuals of various ages in safe and effective
approaches to weight lifting and athletic performance. I believe in creating exercise
programs that are highly personalized and tailored to each individual client based on their
unique goals and lifestyle. In addition to physical activity, I strongly believe in the value
of balanced nutrition/supplementation and management of stress/emotional health to
create a holistic approach to wellness.