Personal Training

Whether you are new to exercise or a long-time member, our personal training services can help you reach your fitness goals.  Let our skilled, enthusiastic staff of professionals guide you towards a more fit and healthy lifestyle. 

We offer:

  • Specialized fitness programs

  • Proper form and technique instruction

  • Health and fitness education

  • Friendly, helpful motivation

  • One-on-one or small group attention

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All personal trainers are Independent, so they set their own prices and hours 

Audra Fuller

Owner Audra is also a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in advanced individual programs since 1986.  She is a former WA & OR bodybuilding show judge. Audra's experience includes: training competitive bodybuilders in all levels, long term training of athletes for specific sports, designing and running a full rehab and personal training facility for injury recovery and prevention. She has worked for several chiropractors and physical therapists on rehab of athletes, ran a fitness center for elderly, managed a country club fitness center and specialized in golf training for 4 years. Along with training clients in either their homes or in home-gym, Audra also has experience in corporate fitness and wellness at several businesses.


She is currently designing a specified law enforcement fitness program for testing candidates and current officers with their agencies.


In addition, Audra specializes in Internal Wellness via nutrition. She has worked with a vast amount of clients who were dealing with diabetes, hypertension, IBS, hormones and various other health issues.

Chelsea Marozik

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Rob McMurdie

Photo coming soon!

Robert has led a rather colorful life, giving him a great ability to persevere and push through, fueled by his tendency to see the silver lining in any situation.
With a true passion for weight training and general working out and lifting, Robert is the perfect trainer for anyone that needs a push to really get the best out of themselves. More than ready to call some one out for giving up to soon and capable of squeezing out that extra ten percent. He is focused on getting noticeable result so you can tell, and quickly, that his methods work.


Having a true passion for sports, having collected cards for several years, Robert keeps up the Lakers but proclaims the Washington teams are really where his heart lies. he is more than ready to talk about almost any subject, and enjoys learning about new subjects, especially if the person is passionate about it.


“Working out with Rob feels more like a work out partner that gets the best out of you than a regular trainer. Much more personal and fun to work with.”


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