Now Products
-Egg White Protein($39.95)
-Electro Endurance($39.95)
-Vitamin B-100($32.99)
-Arginine & Ornithine($17.99)
-Now Amino-9 ($23.92)
Legion Products
- Pulse ($45.00)
-Single Scoop($1.02)
Lubrisyn Products
-Joint Formula($29.95)
-nuun energy ($10.00)
-Zevia zero Cal Energy($3.47)
Better Air
Probiotics Spray($38.00)
Organic Protein($3.95)
Bullet Proof
Fudge Brownie ($2.10)
Lemon Cookie Bar($3.25)
RX BAR($2.50)
Barlean's Products
-Flax Oil($13.95)
-Organic Greens($42.58)
-Super Fruit Greens($35.65)
-Natural Berry Greens($45.87)
-Fish Oil Key Lime & Mango
-Larger Lemon Zest ($36.00)
Ancient Nutrition Products
-Bone Broth($46.95)
- Single serving packets ($2.54)
Hammer Products
-Energy Bars($3.75)
Trace Minerals
-Power Pak ($17.99)
-Electrolyte Stamina 90tabs($19.50)
-Electrolyte Concentrate($17.39)
-Electrolyte Stamina Shot($4.06)


The gym is open 24/7 for full members. To open a membership come visit us during staffed hours. We look forward to seeing you!


Staffed Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8am-  8pm

Saturday: 9am-3pm

Sunday: Closed




427 N Main Street

Ellensburg, WA 98926

Tel: 509-962-6200


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Maximus Gym in ellensburg, WA