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Our history

This location has been the site of Han's Gym, The Gym and now Maximus Gym. The original gym began in around 1983;  it began as a way for the owner to just have a place for him and his friends to train ! you can imagine, it became so popular and took off wildly becoming the main gym in Ellensburg. 

Through a series of events Han's gym split off and there were two gyms in Eburg for a short while. 

Soon after Han's gym re-united with the Main St location, Mario and Israel purchased the gym. These two really made The Gym (the new name) a household name in the fitness industry. Folks from all over WA State knew The Gym in relation to bodybuilders, powerlifters and athletes in general. Israel (Izzy) eventually bought Mario out, and then in 2015, Israel sold the gym to sisters, Sarra and Audra.

The sisters brought a new, updated, fresh vision of the gym, and it began with a new name, Maximus Gym. Fresh paint, streamlined look, adding classes and services, and limiting all supplements and drinks to only organic/non-gmo. The sisters brought 30+yrs of gym experience and a fun, motivated energy to this location.


In 2018 sister Sarra moved on to her own endeavors, while Audra and her husband Bill pursue new ways to enhance the experience of all of the gym members. Maximus Gym adamantly welcomes ALL body shapes, all fitness levels and all genres of our human race.

Maximus Gym proudly supports all first responders with special pricing and offers 24 hour access for ALL members who are full paying.



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